Dick Wick Hall – “A man who made the whole world laugh”

To learn more about Jane’s father, Arizona’s favorite humorist in the 1920s, scroll through to earlier posts. Check out the Such Mad Fun Gallery. And see The Laughing Desert: Dick Wick Hall’s Salome Sun. Available on Amazon, this replica of the syndicated 1925-1926 news sheet is packed with stories, poems, humor, hometown philosophy, and engaging illustrations that made the town of Salome famous. The book, which was part of Arizona’s Centennial celebration in 2012, includes family photographs that have never been seen before and some of Dick’s love poems to his wife Daysie. Arizona’s Official State Historian and a popular entertainer, Marshall Trimble, provides the Foreword. Or click on this post and you will find out why his life story almost became a movie starring Will Rogers.

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